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Open Bug report FP-33 Posts Do Not Show Feature Image Thumbnail on Homepage
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Trying to add a post with a featured image (as we've done for years) and show it, with 480 x 285 pixel thumbnail on the homepage. Said image does not load.

Here is a section of code that shows a new post (that doesn't load an image) vs. an older post:

<li class="col-sm-6 post">

Distribution in a Model-Driven Age

New Broadridge survey reveals why financial advisors use model portfolios and the implications for asset managers.

</div> </li> <li class="col-sm-6 post">
STAR Awards: New 2019 Category
</a> </div>

STAR Awards: New 2019 Category

A new Product Education Campaign category has been added in both the Investor and Advisor areas.

</div> </li>
Steps to reproduce this issue

Problem goes as follows:

1) Create a post
2) Add a featured image
3) Set the category to IMEA (in order to show on homepage) and publish
4) No image loads on the homepage

Previous images used for posts are useable instead of trying to use one from a new upload.

The plugin appears to create (or should) a thumbnail with a file suffix: _PostImg-480x285 in the uploads folder. We’re not seeing this happen. Also doesn’t appear to work if I upload a 480 x 285 version of the image with the suffix using FTP either.

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