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Last updated at Fri Oct 04 21:26, by Sharron Denice


Reorder Reminders for CS-Cart allows users to be reminded when it is time to re-order a product.


  • Users can decide before adding a product to the cart if they would like to be reminded to reorder
  • Users are notified of reordering on the anniversary date
  • Admins can determine which products can be reordered and the suggested reorder interval
  • Admins can determine how many emails to send to the user at the reorder interval before the reminder expires
For up-to-date installation and setup notes, visit the FAQ:


  • Download from repository
  • Unzip the zip file in the directory where CS-Cart runs
  • If the zip creates a new directory called `tsp-reorder-reminders` you will need to run the install script, else you are done
  • If `tsp-reorder-reminders` folder created by zip, Navigate to the folder. Update the $target_loc in the install.php and run. Command: php install.php
  • Open CS-Cart Administration Control Panel
  • Navigate to Addons -> Manage Addons
  • Find the "The Software People: Re-Order Reminders" addon and click "Install" (If you don't see it make sure "All Stores" is selected at the top of the screen)
  • After Install, from the Addons listing click on Settings for "The Software People: Re-Order Reminders"
  • Update The Re-Order Reminder settings


The Re-Order Reminders module, upon install, adds product global options to the database and adds settings to products.

The Products->Global Options that are added include:

  • Remind Me to Re-Order In?
Each product has settings that can be turned on if the admin wishes to sell a product that requires reorder.

The Product Listing -> Addon tab includes:

  • Default Reminder Choice

Creating a Product with Reminders ⇑ top

In order to create a product that has reminders you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Create the product and save (after save the Addons tab will be available to you.
  • Navigate to the Options tab and add the Global options below to the product by clicking on "Add Global Option" (Apply as Link).
    • Add `Remind Me to Re-Order In?`.
  • Navigate to the Addons tab and scroll to the section "The Software People: Re-Order Reminders".
  • Enter in the default reminder interval for the product (ie Memberships default '1 Year', Products default example '3 Months')
  • Save and close the product
  • And thats it! Now you can allow your customers to purchase events.
  • Note: Any variants changed for the Global option `Remind Me to Re-Order In?` will also show in the product's Addon `Default Reminder Choice` dropdown

Creating a Cron Job to Send Reminders ⇑ top

After you have setup reminders on your products you will need to create a cron on your server to run the script. Note you will need to copy your Store Access Key from Settings > Security Settings > Cron Password

The cron to run is:
  wget -q -O /dev/null
Recommended run time:

  Every Day at 8:00 Hrs

Sample Cron:
  0 8 * * * wget -q -O /dev/null

Creating Cron Jobs from the Command Line ⇑ top

  • List Crons `crontab -l`
  • Edit Crons `crontab -e`
  • Delete Crons `crontab -r`


Thank you for downloading Re-Order Reminder for CS-Cart If you find any issues, please report them in the issue tracker on our website:


Copyright 2013 The Software People, LLC

Software is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License; additional terms may apply. See Terms of Use for details.

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